Artist Statement

My work is a journey that can revolve around discovering a new known in a familiar environment. It is an exploration in solitude and night walks that are filled with silence. The stillness that I comes across in my work isn’t meant to cause fear or loneliness, but to bring the same feeling of comfort that I find in this view of the night. Light is my main subject in this work and I try to let it guide me as I set up and take the picture. I am quick to continue on my way looking for that next beam of light. I try to only be a viewer who leaves only footsteps. Through many methods of photography I make sure this beam of light is the main focus for the viewer. I shoot most of my photos in black and white. That is so color does not distract from the subject im trying to photograph.


Jordan Cheeseman is a photographer studying Studio Art at Drew University. He is currently based in New Jersey. He has extensive knowledge of cameras, film processes, and digital editing tools. His primarily work is taken with a full frame digital camera. He is currently working for the Drew University Art Department as a gallery assistant and Darkroom monitor.  


Jordan Cheeseman



BA Studio Art, Drew University, Madison, NJ


Professional Experience

Gallery Assistant, Korn Gallery, Drew University, Madison, NJ. (2016-2017)

  • Maintaining gallery space

  • Setting up artist work

  • Monitoring and mixing chemicals for Darkroom

Intern and Photographer, Drew University Communications Department, Madison, NJ. (2015-2016)

  • Archiving Photographs

  • General office assistant

  • Photographer and editor of photographs

Cashier, Elmer Hometown Pharmacy, Elmer, NJ. (2013-2015)

  • Ordering and stocking product's

  • Cashier

  • Answering calls and calling customers.



Student Exhibition, Korn Gallery, Drew University, Madison, NJ, 2014

Student Exhibition, Korn Gallery, Drew University, Madison, NJ, 2015

Senior Studio Exhibition, Korn Gallery, Drew University, Madison, NJ, 2017


Related Skills

Darkroom Printing and Developing, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Bridge, Google Drive, SketchUp, Microsoft Office, Social Media.



Insanity Horse, Drew University, 2014